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How far can one person go using throttle only?
Ideally, the cruise range is according to every model's milage from specifics. Estimates are contingent upon rider and towing weight, riding style, wind speed and terrain.

Can the battery be charged when it is folded?

The battery can be charged when it is folded. Also, the battery is detachable and rechargeable.

If the battery dies, can I just use human power?
You can switch to the pedal model to continue riding. Easy to pedal without PAS.


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500W High Performance Electric Bike

Question: Is the rear shock adjustable?
Answer: Rear shock is not adjustable

Question: Does it come assembled?
Answer: It arrives pre-assembled. Insert the handle and fix the pedals. That's it.

Question: What is the Bikes top speed
Answer: I' ve took my bike up to 28mph.

Question: Does this come with the key and remote?
Answer: Key

Question: So i dont see that that there is a battery charger with bike right
Answer: a battery charger is included.

Question: How is the power going up the steep hill?
Answer: Bike is amazing. Takes up hills as if they were not there. Has lots of power

Question: Which is the replacement battery specification?
Answer: motor doesn't work

Question: Hi, does the engwe 500 upgrade have a derailleur guard?
Answer: No, it does not come with one.

Question: Is it thumb throttle or twist throttle? Both are mentioned in listing.
Answer: It's a thumb throttle.


EP-2 500W Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike

Question: where can I find parts if I want to replace?
Answer: You can buy accessories on the ENGWE-BIKES official website, or contact ENGWE through the service email

Question: What brand batteries are in this bike?
Answer:ENGWE EP-2 The battery brand is JKBA

Question: how sensitive the throttle is when using both the pedals and motor. Some bikes accelerate at full speed as soon as you use the motor and peddle?
Answer: The EP-2 electric car can reach up to 30km per hour when using pedals and motors.

Question: what size are the tires?
Answer: wheels 20 inches


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