If you are a proud Engwe Ebike owner, if you are looking for riding mates, if you'd like to share the excitement of riding Engwe with others, you are the Engwe Spokespeson we are looking for!

Benefits for Engwe Spokesperson

1. 2% Cashback Referral if your new friend, i.e. the test rider, place order
2. FREE Welcome Gift
3. Meet new ride-mates in your area, and share the fun of riding!

What we need from you?
1. You can have others test ride your Engwe Ebike
2. You can provide your contact info to display on our website, so the test riders can reach you.

How to become Engwe Spokesperson?
Send the following info to market@engwe-bikes.com

1. Name/Age/Profession
2. Your Email/Location
3. Which Model of Engwe you have? And how many?
4. What do you usually use e-bike for?
5. How often do you use your e-bike?
6. What are the most favorite/least favorite parts of your Engwe Ebike? And why?
We will evaluate your candidacy and get back to you if you are selected.

*Please Include "Participate Engwe Spokesperson" in the title when submitting the email.

* Note:
1. The Welcome Gift option may vary based on the stock level of the time you participate. This will be a One-Time Gift
2. The program is available for US customers ONLY.
3. Engwe reserves the right of final explaination for this program.