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Powerful Battery

The 48V 12.8Ah/16Ahreliable high-density removable lithium battery, ensures the safety of the electric system.

Charging Time And Cruising Range

About 5 hours. The single charge power can provide up to 50 miles of auxiliary driving.

Convenient And Safe

The battery hidden in the frame can be locked, taken out and charged at home and office.


  • The electric bicycle battery only match EP-2 PRO/ ENGINR PRO Electric Bike.
  • The e-bike battery should be promptly charged, the suggested charging voltage 54.6V, charging is finished when the red light is off and green light is on.
  • Do not over-discharge the battery, over-discharge will harm the battery badly, discharge voltage should not be lower than 39V.
  • In case of the wastage of electric quantity during the storage and transportation, the battery should be recharged before using.


  • 1 Year coverage on electrical components.
  • 1 Year coverage on mechanical components.


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