4 Wheel Powered Mobility Scooter

  • 【Excellent Motor & Battery for Travel】This electric wheelchair scooter has a 24V 180W motor, and Dual 12V 12Ah battery, maximum speed in 3.8 MPH Forward or 2.2 MPH Reverse, up to 9.5 Miles Range Per just one charge. This 4 wheel mobility scooter also has an operating system and meter, driving and control easily, ideal for short-distance driving travel.
  • 【Travel Comfortable】The ENGWE powered mobility scooters are not only safety, but also comfortable in riding. The foldable chair and the joystick of this powered scooter are adjustable height and angle, make your preferred setting free, to enjoy joyful and comfortable travel.
  • 【Safety is the First】The ENGWE electric mobility scooter has equipped with 4 solid PU all-terrain anti-slip wheels of 7.5 inches, that don’t worry about the tires had been pierced or leak. And those mobility scooters for adults has an overall weight is 103.5 lbs / 47kg, ensure running stability. Besides, the Switchable Automatic Electric Braking can hold the wheels tightly, almost no slide at all.
  • 【Main Specifications】Maximum Forward Speed : 3.8 MPH / 6 KMH, Maximum Reverse Speed: 2.2 MPH / 3.5 KMH, MAX. Range: 9.5 Miles / 15km, MAX. Load: 265lbs / 120 kg, MAX. Weight Capacity: 265lbs / 120kg.

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* Note: There are 2 types of the seats, the different seats are sent out randomly. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us at service@engwe-bikes.com





Q1: How long does it takes to receive the placed order?

A: In general, orders typically process within 1-2 business day and delivery time is typically 7-10 days. If your order is in stock and you don’t receive tracking number after 3 business days, please contact our  after-sales service team for tracking information.

Customer service email: service@engwe-bikes.com

Q2: Why did my payment fail?

A: It may be that the network is unstable, please try to change the browser or try again after a while, or log in with another email address and try to place the order.

Q3: Can I use installment payment?

A:It is available only in Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Finland at the moment and we will introduce Klarna to other EU country soon. Once other countries have opened Klarna, we will update the website accordingly

Q4: I have not received the order confirmation and tracking number information, how can I get it?

A: Please don’t worry. You just need to contact our customer service staff to provide you with the order number and tracking number.

Customer service email: service@engwe-bikes.com

Q5: What method can I use to pay?

A: We mainly accept the payment via PayPal and credit card.

You can make the payment via Klarna, PayPal,AE, JCB, Discover Diners club, Visa, Master card, Maestro...

Q6: How to charge is the correct charging method?

A: Please check the following link to teach you how to charge properly and use it safely.


Q7: Can I modify the bike by myself, such as brakes, chains, gears, generators?

A: If you are not familiar with the performance of the bicycle, we recommend not to modify it at will. If you must modify it, please contact our customer service staff to verify whether it can be modified.

customer service email: service@engwe-bikes.com

Q8: Is it possible to disable the throttle?

A: EP-2 PRO: While pressing the brake handle, turn the handle to the maximum, then turn on the power switch of the display, and release the brake handle and the throttle handle after 8 seconds.

ENGINE PRO : Simply unplug the handlebar connector.

Q9: I need to buy parts, how can I buy them?

A: We recommend that you consult with the corresponding seller to purchase. If your seller does not provide it, you can contact


Q10: My bicycle chain is scratching with the wheel, so I can't change gears, and the derailleur looks deformed, what should I do?

A: If the derailleur guard touches the derailleur screw, the derailleur guard needs to be pulled out. In order to maintain a distance of 15mm between the transmission and the protection device.

Customer Reviews

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Diane Adams (Pennsylvania, United States)
Good A+

Purchased via Amazon. Arrived a day late due to FedEx delay. Packaged well. No blemishes or any issues with packaging. Scooter assembly was abt 15 min, took longer to unpack it. Came with a small manual, charger, removable battery & 2 keys.etc.. Pretty detailed thou no phone # for customer support. Gave it a few hours charge and drove it up & down our asphalt driveway. Driveway has a slope and scooter handled it well. Took it out in our backyard and no issues in the freshly cut grass. It does look a bit small, thou hubby fits ok. He is 5'8 and 160 lbs. Our 7yo granddaughter drove it around the back yard with ease. (She seems to fit much better-size wise lol) The manual says it has a horn and light. This scooter does not have either. The ground clearance is just shy of 4 inches but went over our threshold just fine. Not sure how long the battery will last or if it will give the 9-10 miles on a full charge.. I did enquire about purchase of extra batteries. They don't seem to list them on here or anywhere online. Email ressponge was reasonable price quoted.. I may order that to have on hand for longer outtings if we feel it's necessary. Overall this scooter seems pretty good for the price.. Time & use will tell. I'm adding some pictures to this review. Hope this helps in your decision when shopping for a scooter. So far so good. A+