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Brand story

ENGWE as a professional electric bicycle company, we continue to optimize our electric bicycles and develop new products.

Enjoy the outdoors, the Engwe electric bike drives you to explore a new world.

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Customer Reviews


Just do it. This bike is beautiful and it is do cheap for the quality of what you receive and the range is quite impressive and becomes beyond outstanding if you pedal lightly as well. I’ll never pay for gas again. I sold my car.

Reece Lawson

the bike is everything we ever wanted from a e-bike. Durable, heavy, long lasting, high quality and foldable. It is better quality compared to an expensive brompton, this ebike destroys brompton. Amazing work team, keep it up :-)


I bought it as a birthday present for my husband. We live in the mountains of Colorado, so he took it to Boulder to try. He liked it and said he could go further. The bicycle is heavy. If you lock the bicycle somewhere, you can remove the battery.

Wayne Martin

Well I've had ebikes for years , but none were great in bad weather or on cracked roads. This gem is perfect. Its a tank. Over all I highly recommend.


Excellent electric bike, with great strength, design, better than I expected. And it came to me in 5 days. So far no complaints.