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- 48V 19.2Ah & 10AH lithium-ion Removable Batteries, Up to 62 Miles Worth of Range.

- 1200W Peak Brushless Gear Motor, 30° Climbing Ability.
- Triple Suspension, 3 Times More Powerful Shock Absorbance Than Normal e-Bikes.
- One Piece All Terrain 26.0X4.0 inch Fat Tire, Conquer All Rough Terrain


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Material:6061 aluminum alloy
Size:26 x 4.0 inches
Motor:1200W(PEAK) high-speed brushless motor
Torque:60 N.m
Battery 1: 48V 19.2Ah Lithium-Ion Battery
Battery 2: 48V 10Ah Lithium-Ion Battery
Speed: 0-31MPH
Mileage: 100 KM (electric mode)
Charging time: about 8H
Maximum climbing degree: 30°
Brake: Hydraulic front & rear brake
Transmission system: Shimano 8 Gears
Bike weight: 90.39lbs (41KG)
Gross weight: 112.44lbs (51KG)
Maximum Load: 330lbs (150KG)
Package size: 61.81in*12.99in*33.46in (157*33*85 CM)
Unfolding size (L*H*W): 76.77inch*39.37inch(Lowest Seat Height)-51.18inch(Highest Seat Height)*28.35in(195CM*100CM(Lowest Seat Height)-130CM(Highest Seat Height)*72CM)
Folding size (L*H*W): 43.3in*47.24in*28.35in(110*72*120 CM)
Suitable for: 5'57"-6'89" (170-210 CM)



Package size: 61.81in*12.99in*33.46in (157*33*85 CM)
Unfolding size (L*H*W): 76.77inch*39.37inch(Lowest Seat Height)-51.18inch(Highest Seat Height)*28.35in(195CM*100CM(Lowest Seat Height)-130CM(Highest Seat Height)*72CM)
Folding size (L*H*W): 43.3in*47.24in*28.35in(110*72*120 CM)
Suitable for: 5'57"-6'89" (170-210 CM)



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X26 Ebike Pro Ebike *1
48V 19.2 Ah Battery *1
48V 10Ah Battery *1
Battery Charger *1
Assembly Tools *1
Pedals *2
Handle Bars Shipped Installed On Bike *1
English User Manual *1
English Display Manual *1
Tool Kit *1



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Q6: Can I modify the bike by myself, such as brakes, chains, gears, generators?

A: If you are not familiar with the performance of the bicycle, we recommend not to modify it at will. If you must modify it, please contact our customer service staff to verify whether it can be modified.

customer service email: service@engwe-bikes.com

Q7: Is it possible to disable the throttle?

A: EP-2 PRO: While pressing the brake handle, turn the handle to the maximum, then turn on the power switch of the display, and release the brake handle and the throttle handle after 8 seconds.

ENGINE PRO : Simply unplug the handlebar connector.

Q8: I need to buy parts, how can I buy them?

A: We recommend that you consult with the corresponding seller to purchase. If your seller does not provide it, you can contact


Q9: My bicycle chain is scratching with the wheel, so I can't change gears, and the derailleur looks deformed, what should I do?

A: If the derailleur guard touches the derailleur screw, the derailleur guard needs to be pulled out. In order to maintain a distance of 15mm between the transmission and the protection device.



Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Kenneth Martell
Easy to put together and so much fun!

Bought 2 of these bikes for the woman and I. I did a lot of research before buying these bikes and being 6 foot tall and 205 pounds I found out that I wanted the 1000w bike. These are beautiful bikes. Be careful taking them out of the box, one bike had the front fork stuck in the spokes of the front tire and if I hadn't caught it I am sure I would have broke the spokes.
The bike is comfortable, powerful and and so much fun.
We have 40 miles on the bikes now and and longest ride was 12 miles. The battery only went down one bar on this ride yet we pedal as much as possible. We have always ridden bikes previously and would maybe do 3 mile rides. It is amazing to be able to go as far as we want now!

More than I expected

The bike arrived in good condition and was well packed. It actually arrived quicker than promised. Assembly took about 45 minutes, and I had no problems with any part of putting it together. The assembly instructions were fairly easy to follow.
The bike is much beefier than I realized. It is a big bicycle! I've only put 25 miles on it so far, but I like what I've seen so far. On steep hills the bike isn't fast, but it is powerful! I weigh 260 pounds and the bike handles it well, and is comfortable to ride. It's too early to say for sure anything about battery life, except that I rode 15 miles and display still showed full charge. I'll update more later. Overall the bike has proven to be much more than I expected. So far, I'm very pleased with my purchase.

Levi Maynard
So far so good!

I purchased this bike with the intent of using it for accessing my hunting stands. I hunt farm fields and most of my access routes to my blinds are anywhere from a 1/2 to 3/4 mile walk. Not only does this waste time but it can also cause me to work up a sweat on the way in or out, something I would like to avoid. I wasn't ready to drop big money on a Quiet Kat or Rambo so I decided to try this bike out to see if it will do what I need it to do. Eventually, if I find it to be practical and not more trouble than it's worth I might consider upgrading to another brand that is specifically designed for off-road or trail use. However, I might also find that this bike checks all the boxes for what I plan to use it for. Too soon to tell as I just received it last week and assembled it two days ago (which was pretty easy). Did a test ride on gravel and dry pavement and it seems to be very powerful. A lot of the reviews said it is a big bike but I'm 6' 1" and it seems fine. So far, I'm impressed and happy with the quality of the money.

Jeremiah Delmoral
X26 The Best E-bike

This is the best e-bike I’ve owned out of the 3 I have. Very comfortable and fast to ride. Has an aggressive look and definitely a head turner. Had many compliments on this e-bike. This is the beast of all e-bikes. Great quality! I used it to get some cycling exercise. I ride approximately 20-30 miles in the morning daily. Highly recommend X26 if your in the market buying one. For the the price of this e-bike, it has better accessories and better quality than the more expensive ones. Thank you Engwe for your exceptional customer service.

Awesome e-bike along with outstanding customer support!!

While on vacation in the Adirondacks last month we saw E-Bikes all over. I thought what a great idea. After speaking to several vacationers and doing some online research we decided on the X26. It's a Beast of a Bike to say the least. I was a bit intimidated by it's size but, after going on many trips to our local park I'm riding like a pro. A careful pro! I can ride it like a regular bike and get a full workout or hit the PAS (pedal assist) when the hills get a bit too much. Hitting 60 this year those hills can be daunting to say the least. Now, with my X26 I put my helmet on and off I go. This beast offers a well made, good handling bike that will take you on the roads, up hills and with the big fatty tires off road if the desire hits ya!