Engine Pro (Battery Pack)

Engine Pro + 1 EXTRA BATTERY

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Great Upgrade
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Spiral Cable...
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Cycling Helmet
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Battery Charger
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Range: 50-60km (electric mode):
100-120km (pas mode)
750W(1000W Peak power)
20x4.0 All Terrain Fat Tires
3 Step Alloy Foldable new upgraded Frame
48V 16Ah Lithium Ions
Front and rear hydraulic breaks
Cruise Control
LCD Display:
KD986 or BC281
Transmission System:
8 Speed System
Bike Weight:
Package Weight:

Unfolded Length: 68.90inches/175.00cm
Folded Length: 40.94inches/104.00cm

44.6 inches (113.5cm)
B--Total Length
66.9 inches (170cm)
C -- Reach
16.9 inches (43cm)
D--Standover Height
27.1 inches (69cm)
E--Minimum Saddle Height
33.8 inches (86cm)
F--Maximum Saddle Height
40.1 inches (102cm)
G--Minimum Handlebar Height
47.2 inches (120cm)
H--Maximum Handlebar Height
51.1 inches (130cm)
Please note: There may be a difference of 0~1.9 inches (0~5cm) between measured and actual data.

Folded Size: 40.9 inches* 21.6 inches* 33.0 inches (104*55*84cm)

33.0 inches (84cm)
40.9 inches (104cm)
21.6 inches (55cm)
Please note: There may be a difference of 0~1.9 inches (0~5 cm) between measured and actual data.
What's in the box?
Engine Pro Ebike
48V 16Ah Lithium-Ion
Battery Charger
Assembly Tool Kit
Handle Bars Shipped Installed On Bike
English User Manual (including Display Manual)

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Q8: Can I modify the bike by myself, such as brakes, chains, gears, generators?

A: If you are not familiar with the performance of the bicycle, we recommend not to modify it at will. If you must modify it, please contact our customer service staff to verify whether it can be modified.

customer service email: service@engwe-bikes.com

Q9: Is it possible to disable the throttle of my Egine Pro?

A: Simply unplug the handlebar connector.

Q10: I need to buy parts, how can I buy them?

A: We recommend that you consult with the corresponding seller to purchase. If your seller does not provide it, you can contact


Q11: My bicycle chain is scratching with the wheel, so I can't change gears, and the derailleur looks deformed, what should I do?

A: If the derailleur guard touches the derailleur screw, the derailleur guard needs to be pulled out. In order to maintain a distance of 15mm between the transmission and the protection device.

Q12: what are the differences between ep-2 pro and Engine pro?

A: 1:egine pro supports Hydraulic Disc Brakes

2:engine pro-front fork hydraulic shock absorption, ep-2 pro -Front fork spring shock absorption

3:engine has Rear shock absorber

4:engine supports pas, which is recharge

5:  engine has a more strong Back seat

6: engine pro has color display and support usb charge.

Q13: Are there any common setup videos?

A: Reset to factory
Activate the throttle
Deactivate throttle
Change KM to Mile(Or change mile to KM)
Setting the speed limit 25km/h (15.53 mph)
Lift the speed limit to 48km/h(29.8 mph)
Unboxing video

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Customer (Minnesota, United States)
Engine Pro is the best value 20" Ebike on the market... I love mine!

Bought my first ebike, the Engine Pro (Battery Combo), direct from this website in March of 2022. I have since logged over 500 miles since and I love this bike! People are always asking about it when I ride around the Twin Cities in Minnesota. I waited this long to add my review because I wanted to give my honest opinion based on experience. It has been a satisfying experience and I do not hesitate to recommend Engwe to anyone. Not only is the Engine Pro well built as advertised, with features not had on most other, more expensive, ebike options. It's fast with a top speed of 30 mph. It gets right around 50 miles per charge if you put in some modest pedal work and keep the pedal assist on 3 or less most of the ride. Engwe has also proven it's customer service exceptional!

Shortly after I received my Engine Pro, I somehow managed to lose one set of keys with that battery still installed in the bike. I called local locksmiths and bike shops and not a single one would even take a look at my problem all offering dumb excuses but basically they were saying since it's not our bike we won't service it. The locksmiths all stated they were not familiar with E-bikes and refused to help. So I contacted Engwe at their service email. It took a couple days of emailing back and forth, but in the end Engwe sent me a replacement battery top, where the ignition tumbler is located, with a new set of keys. They told me how to get the battery out of the bike and how to replace the battery top. AND they didn't even charge me for shipping of the part. A pleasant surprise as I was not expecting such a level of service from an ebike company on the other side of the planet. WELL DONE @Engwe!!!

While I am very pleased with the Engine Pro, it looks badass, performs very well, mine has the I-ERS regen system and has a range very close to what is advertised. Folded up it fits in my Ford Focus hatchback too. I do however, have a couple of gripes about the bike itself. Not anything that would turn me away from the Engine Pro, more recommendations for product improvement to Engwe.

1. Wider handle bars would help a ton. The long stem with narrow, relatively flat bars, makes the bike kinda twitchy at speed. One handed riding is challenging and forget about no hands. The 4" fat tires at recommended inflation pressures, while cushy and super grippy, don't track the straightest on their own and I am currently searching for some BMX handle bars to replace the narrow stock setup.

2. Engwe isn't too keen on us modding their ebikes and as such aren't very willing to share more technical informations like the controllers and motors they use, info that would be very helpful in upgrading such parts, something a tinkerer like myself enjoys greatly. Again, not a deal breaker but its a thing.

Overall I can happily say I am a very satisfied first time ebike owner and Engwe customer and a fan of this company and the Engine Pro. I have researched and test ridden numerous ebikes very thoroughly, to make my own purchase and for general knowledge too and the Engwe Engine Pro is the best value that can be had for the money in the 20", folding ebike market today. Thanks Engwe!!!

Jim Wright (Florida, United States)
Great Bike

have 2000 miles on it. Just replaced my rear brake, easy!. Had to put lock washers on stand as they kept coming louse. Replaced rear tire, where all the weight is. front tire like 80%. Must check and retighten mid suspense every 100 miles or so. Adjusted speed to 0-3 and set third to 75% and that saved battery and limited speed to 18-20 which is perfect for paths. ride twice a week and battery gets me 37 miles each time on a charge. Again, all normal or minor, GREAT BIKE!

L. Sherman
Long Range

I got this bike in October of this year (2022) and I was very impressed. I use it for my commute to and from work (40 miles total) with the pedal assist mode on at all times (varying gear usage). When I get home, about half the battery is still charged. If you're looking for a bike that will stay charged for longer distances, this is the one!

Isaac Sade
Great Ebike with great power

The ebike has excellent power for riding on mountain and dirt roads and is very fast on the streets. I had a small issue with the bike, I easily got in contact with customer service who were very knowledgeable and helpful and walked me through the issue and they stand behind there product.

Joaquin Gonzalez (Georgia, United States)
Great eBike!

I Love My Engine Pro. It delivers as promised. Do although, wish I could (or knew how to) adjust the pedal assist sensitivity to start a bit sooner than the delay that it has to "kick in" the power to the motor. Other than that, no complaints.