More than just a convenient means of transportation, cycling symbolizes a sustainable lifestyle for us, and for more people to enjoy outdoor sports.


The story begins with three young riding enthusiasts' adventure - they were pretty sure to make ride a 38-mile mountainous trip in 5 hours. Unexpectedly, they had been riding on the shady side of the mountain uphill all the way. As the night grew darker, they felt cold and exhausted. For the final 16 miles, they could no longer ride and had to push their bikes against the wind. Carl said, "If only we had bikes with electricity to give us a ride." The three young people then couldn't stop talking about it, they had a great time. They decided to upgrade their gears and challenge themselves one more time. Unfortunately, this project was halted due to the hefty expense.


Coincidentally, the campus hosted a Technology Innovation&Entrepreneurship Competition, the three young people won the favor of the organizing committee with their ingenious electric bicycle idea. This three founders have been researching electric bikes since then, and formally established their own business under the name "ENGWE" five years later. They had no idea that their electric bikes would be sold worldwide eight years later, with nearly one million fans. ENGWE set out to produce e-bikes with more advanced functionalities and hipper aesthetics while staying true to their original concept, consistently maintaining a beginner-friendly price and functional design.

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They Talk About ENGWE

"If you want it all in one package (and you want that package to fit in your trunk), then this might be the ticket."

"ENGWE is a bit of different beast than almost any other bikes."

"Distinct-looking electric folding bike that's small on price and big on power"

"ENGWE’s Fat Tire "e-bike" Is a speed demon with crazy power and attractive price tag."

"2023 Reviewgeek Editor’s Choice- The EP-2 is a solid e-bike, built to
withstand the off-roading that it really encourages you to do."

"For folks seeking an everyday e-bike for short commutes, the ENGWE Engine Pro is a great value."

Over 500,000 Happy Users
Richard Buben

Let me just say this is a beast of a E-bike. And I wouldn't have it any other way. It is heavy but, it can actually be ridden like a normal bicycle without power. I owned the Adventon Adventure and immediately got rid of that thing after experiencing the X26. As far as delivery concerned; super fast, less than a week, perfect condition, and putting in together was cake. I sold my truck and this is now my only form of transportation...


Bought the EP2 for me and the wife. What a Blast. Great so far in sand pavement etc. look forward to more rides with the Wife! PS I’m 6’2” 240lbs. She’s 5’2” 125lbs. Yes she gets a little more battery life so I just take hers if it gets low. Lol!!!

Shiva Sapkota

I did it rode up the hill. Nice job. It was awesome even though it’s only rated for a 10-degree slope. I just did a 13-degree slope that was covered in snow and ice.



1200W(Peak) 93Miles Triple Suspension Foldable E-bike



1000W(Peak) 93Miles Triple Suspension Foldable E-bike



1000W(Peak) 62Miles Full Suspension Foldable E-bike


Engwe E26

1000W(Peak) 87Miles Dual Suspension All-Terrain E-bike



1000W(Peak) 47 Miles+47 Miles Dual Suspension Long Range E-bike


Engwe EP-2 Pro

960W(Peak) 50+Miles Front Suspension Foldable E-bike


Engwe L20

960W(Peak) 90Miles Front Suspension Step-Thru E-bike