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Question: Is the rear shock adjustable?
Answer: Rear shock is not adjustable.

Question: Does it come assembled?
Answer: It arrives pre-assembled. Insert the handle and fix the pedals. That's it.

Question: What is the Bikes top speed
Answer: I' ve took my bike up to 28mph.

Question: Does this come with the key and remote?
Answer: Key.

Question: So i dont see that that there is a battery charger with bike right
Answer: a battery charger is included.

Question: How is the power going up the steep hill?
Answer: Bike is amazing. Takes up hills as if they were not there. Has lots of power.

Question: Which is the replacement battery specification?
Answer: motor doesn't work.

Question: Hi, does the engwe 500 upgrade have a derailleur guard?
Answer: No, it does not come with one.

Question: Is it thumb throttle or twist throttle? Both are mentioned in listing.
Answer: It's a thumb throttle.

Question: Seat post size?
Answer: The post that comes with the bike is 33.9mm diameter, with a plastic tubular shim to make it fit the 36mm diameter 'hole' in the bike's frame. So if replacing the post you need a 36mm post or a smaller post and shim it to 36mm. I replaced mine with a shock absorber post and had to get a shim with a 33.9 OD and double that with the one that came with the bike. Seems to work fine so far.

Question: 2 questions actually, 1 is the charger capable of charging from a car 2 does the bike regenerate power going down hill like an EV?
Answer: The supplied charger is 'mains' voltage only, will not work with a car's 12V. And as already said, the bike does have regen capability, so will recharge when going down a hill at >15kpm (~10mph).

Question: Does it have safe Lock? If I parked it in a parking lot would it be safe from theft?
Answer: You have to buy your own lock.

Question: Can you buy spare batteries?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Is it water resistant?
Answer: Yes, the bike is water resistance for normal rains or water, but do not expose it in rain for too long or wash it by hoses directly, which may damage the battery and other electric parts.

Question: Does it have a throttle lever?
Answer: Yes, right hand grip, like a motorcycle.

Question: Can this bike carry an adult passenger?
Answer: Yes. Unless the adult is short. I am 5' and the bike was too tall for me. It can carry 350 lbs.

Question: Does it come with a charger?
Answer: Yes.

Question: How many miles on a single charge?
Answer: Well it measures in Kilometers. So on a full charge I've gone. 30miles. 6'2 /. 255 lbs person.

Question: Where can I get a replacement inner tube for the back tire?
Answer: Hi, you can open this website to get the replacement. 

September 28, 2020